Monday, 10 August 2015

Florida Haul!!

Hey Lovlies!!

So as you know I recently went to Florida and boy oh boy did I shop! 

To start the one thing I got that I do not have a picture of at the moment is a Milani Lipstick that I picked up from Walgreens because I have continuiously been hearing amazing things about that brand and they do not sell it here in Canada so I will try it out and if I fall in love with it I will 100% pick up other products the next time I head over to the states!

This list will not be in an order but I would like everyone to know this is not be bragging about everything I just know how much I love to read these types of posts so I thought maybe someone would like to read mine!

Also another point everyone should know is that everthing I purchased on this trip has been on sale!

So lets start.
Number 1! is this beautiful Nautica suitcase! Regular price $280 I bought it for a whopping $49.99 this was probably the second best buy of that week in the USA!
The second day at Universal I was browsing the shops and BAM! I see this bookmark just chilling there on the stand. I guess this was actually the only thing I paid full price for as I paid $8 for a book mark.... but how could I say no to it! 
This book I found in the same shop as the book mark but this one was actually a few $ off so I think I paid $5 less then list price but I can't remember what it actually cost only that on the back of the book it says 10 pounds.
This GORGEOUS kate spade bag I has been eyeing all week and I really wanted it but at a price of $390 I knew there was no way I could buy it. So I sadly walked out of the store with my head hung low. Near the end of the week we headed back to the mall of a final day of shopping and I decided it couldn't hurt to walk in and say goodbye to that beautiful bag, and when I walked in the lady smiled and handed me a little flyer or ad whatever you call it that said entire store an additional 50% off! I got excited but then realised the bag would still be to much, I went to take a look at it and found that it was no longer their. I asked a women and she took me to the back of the store and the bag was rcently put on discount! Can you believe me luck! It was 50% off and then I walked in on the sale where everything was another 50% AHHH OMG OMG OMG was my reaction! So after the clearence discount and the sal discount I only paid about $110 with taxes! Can you believe it? I have never been happier then walking out of that store with that bag in my hand! 

I got this the day before Disney at the same Walgreens that I purchased on Milani Lipstick at it was a whole $3 and I wanted something cute to bring to Disney world so that I didn't have to spend massive amounts of money on water!  

I just thought this was a super cute shirt! It was only $2.50 as were most of the shirts I got! and I go them all from Aeropostal! 

This bag I got at Van Heusen another great sale! regular $67 and I got it for $15! I almost got a black one as well! But I decided I didn't need yet another purse so I got the black purse for my momma!
This beautiful Marylin Monroe shirt was one of my many Aero finds! but this one was actually $3.50 I had to spend an extra dollar but in the end it was worth it! 

Radiance by Britney Spears is one of my favorite perfumes so when I found it at marshals for $12 I jumped to buy it! It is a little one but I am very glad I picked it up!

Just like Radiance I managed to find my all time favorite Intimately Beckham by David and Victoria Beckham at Marshals except this one was hidden far behind the others! I managed to grab this one for only $7!

Got lucky with these and picked them up for $9! SCORE!
These amazing Puma shoes were regularly priced at $50 and I got them for $24! 

My tiny $3 ring from Icing! 

Forever 21! $1.50 Can't say no to that! 

I got these super cute little diney boxers for $4 at the disney store at one of the many malls we went to while in Orlando!

One of the many $2.50 Crop tops I picked up from Aero!

Another $2.50 Crop top from Aero!

Yup another one!!! $2.50  

Thank you Aero! $2.50

ANOTHER ONE! $2.50!!!

Last but DEF not least! This is my beautiful new MK purse! I got this one the second shopping day so it was the first purse I purchased regular $130 I got it for $60 so it was another great purchase!

All in all I am so super happy about the trip and I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it and reliving the excitment of the trip!

Never Back Down!
Never Give Up!

Crystal xxoo

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