Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Best Friends

Hey Lovlies!

So sometimes life happens... people drift but even when it happens it doesn't mean the relationship really changes.

Recently myself and a very very very important best friend of mine have been very distant. Let me just point out this is a really important person to me too. Someone that has been in my life for a solid 15 years. She means the world to me and I would do anything for her.

The reason I am sharing this with you is so that maybe you can learn something that we recently have learnt. We have been distant like I said and some pretty big fights happened and we were closer because of it. then  we had so much to do with life that we drifted.

We finally spoke the other day and it came up how much she still means to me and how she is still my sister. It seemed to be a little weird at first because she didnt think I still cared for her as much as I do and she didnt want to assume that i still did love her as much as always have.

The point of this post is so you all understand that having a best friend, having something that you can truly be yourself with, having someone that you completly trust and can tell anything and everything to is a rare thing to find and when you do find it you need to remember that it doesn't just dissappear, distance doesn't change what the two of you have together and that is something that you should always remember no matter what, don't find reasons to let it go because it never truly leaves you. If you do find yourself apart, get together just once, if it is that true friend I am talking about then one coffee together will be like no time passed, it will mean the world to both of you, believe me!

Our families are each others families, we need eachother, I know I have learnt that in the past few years and I hope she feels the same way. just talking to her again makes me feel like I have been missing something the last little while.

Boys come and go in my case, in her case he stayed! AHHH CONGRATS!
but the point is through everything we still have eachother and I don't plan on every letting that go.

With us it finally feels back to normal and we are both clear that this relationship won't ever end if either of us have a say in it!

I love you girl remember that!
You are my sister
my rock!
my lobster! (lol)
my person!
my one true confidant!

Never Back Down!
Never Give up!
xxoo Crystal

(All the following pictures were saved on my computer so I don't know the exact credit to give! so thank you to all the people that made this amazing pictures! If there are yours comment and I will give you credit!)

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