Sunday, 31 May 2015

Whats in my bag!

Hello Lovelies!

I was inspired to write this post by my beautiful friend Sioban over at Beauty Bylaws !!! 
I know a what's in my bag post doesn't seem like it belongs on a book blog but with what I have inside you will understand!
Let me just say I LOVE big bags and I cannot lie!
The one I am using right now is this gorgeous coach bag! I fell in love with it even when so many people think the colour is ugly...
Some of you may know that I used to have a blog and I have recently Graduated University so this stuff is not things I recently started carrying around!
First... Womenly things are still in the bag (makeup and other stuff) this isn't a beauty blog SSO I'm focusing more of the book/blog related stuff!
Of course I always have my phone and charger I didn't think you guys cared to see that!
Next I have my wallet and sunglasses because those are always needed! How will I be able to get to the book store without my glasses... How can I possibly buy books without my wallet! Lol
My little Camera! Its the little black pouch with the flowers! And I make sure to always have the charger it's small, doesn't take up room really. I love to carry this little guy around instead of dragging my Nikon everywhere I go! This way I'll always have a way to take pictures for all you to see!!
Next is that little creamy greenish coloured clip up top that's a little reading light! You never know!
That pink pouch at the bottom left is this adorable little thing I bough at chapters! It says "Crap" and under that little check boxes saying "more crap" "total crap" its just a cute little thing and I keep some little stuff (pens and highlighters) 
Why carry around highlighters you ask? Well how will I stay organized?! (I will post an agenda organization article in the near future) but this isn't just any old agenda... This has EVERYTHING I need in it... My life.... All my appointments, workouts, work schedule but it isn't only for my personal life. This agenda is filled with sticky notes and little lists of books I want to read, blog post ideas, review thoughts. Not only when I'm on the go but also when I'm at home, every idea finds its way into this very ugly agenda!
A Book! Of course a book! I always always always have a book with me. This is how I am able to get so much reading done! I love to know I have it! The other day I was in the DMV and there were like 60 people in line! I groaned and then remembered I had my book! I did a lot of reading that day while all those others were standing around shifting from right to left foot wasteing time!
I used to have this little book that could fit in my palm it was adorable covered in letters. In this little book I would have written down all the books I own so that when I was in book stores or book markets surround but thousands of books I would never buy a book I already had. This was very difficult as I could only add books at the end of the list and not with their series so it didn't help when I had to flip though so many pages to see if I needed that books.... Now that you to the creates of this little app called Libib (I will write a post on this if your interested) its so amazing and as long as my phone is charged I am good to go anywhere and I will have my books with me!!

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