Monday, 5 October 2015

Phone Games!

Hey Loves!

This is a fun little post about my favorite phone games!

I don't play games to often but when I do I have these six go-to games!

Boom Beach
  • I have been playing this game for quite a while now and I really enjoy it. I am not someone that pays to move forward in games so it is taking a long time but its fun and that is the only reason I turn to these games, to have fun and forget about the stress in my life!
  • I play this with my cousin and a lot of his friends. You wont be surprised to hear that these guys are 25+ and it is soooo entertaining to hear how excited they get about this game!

Paradise Bay
  • Just joined this game because as you can see by this list I LOVE king games! They are such an amazing developer 
  • I love this game, its cute, there is no fighting its just like farmville and all those cute games that you can play on facebook.
  • Its not stressful you dont need to beat certain things, you just have some quests to complete which are super fun!
  • So far I am really enjoying this

Candy Crush
  • When I got my Samsung Galaxy the first game that I downloaded was Candy Crush!
  • This game was something that I was playing on my iPod before I had my samsung.
  • I am on level 423 as of right now, but sadly I had stopped for a long time because I was stuck on level 419 for MONTHS! so I was struggling big time for a while.
  • Love this game, super fun, and even though people don't talk about it as much as before I still think its super fun.

Candy Crush Soda
  • I guess the popularity of the original inspired this one, but damn do I love this one!
  • YES! yes I do!
  •  Its pretty much the same except you are usually either saving the bears or breaking soda bottles. its cute and enjoyable
  • For this one I am only on Level 119!
  • This is a new addition to my list but not as new as the before mentioned Paradise Bay.
  • This was is another King game and the goal is to make words of a certain length or bring down the cheese blocks as the game does seem to be centered around a mouse!
  • I like it cause it actually makes me think! 

Kwazy Cupcakes
  • Love that show and they are the genusis that brought this game into my life. 
  • Sadly I have been stuck for a very long time but hopefully I will push past that level soon enough!
Never Back Down
Never Give Up
Never Stop Gaming!

Crystal xxoo